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“You Go, I Go” Backpack

Posted 29/08/2011 | News, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

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It’s So Not A Fanny Pack

Posted 18/07/2011 | News, Uncategorized | No Comments

Our new and improved Hip Bag, It’s So Not A Fanny Pack.

NOW Available at Velodome.

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VXB Messenger Bag

Posted 19/06/2011 | News, Uncategorized | No Comments

Our new colabs bag with Velodome. They are available in 3 colors – Gray, Black and Green.

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[be.el.te] promotional video

Posted 07/04/2011 | News, Uncategorized | No Comments

The guys over at @rideBLT helped us put together a nice quick video edit to introduce two of our most selling items: Oven Messenger Bag Size L and It’s Not a Fanny Pack bags. Check it out…

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[be.el.te] Promo Price

Posted 06/04/2011 | News, Uncategorized | No Comments

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[be.el.te] @Velodome

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[be.el.te] Packaging


Just like some of those expensive brand, yes, it comes with a cool dust bag packaging. Jealous much? You know where to find us.

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[be.el.te] It’s Not A Fanny Pack

You ever get that feeling wearing a fanny pack is cool but you know for sure IT’S NOT. Well here is one that is…

Introducing, It’s Not A Fanny Pack by [be.el.te].

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[be.el.te] Oven Messenger Bags

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